HR Consult Small Biz HR Document Subscription Service

Welcome to Wendy Ellen Inc.'s HR Consult Small Biz. This subscription service is designed for companies with 15 or less team members. We understand the need for HR assistance on a part-time basis and want to emphasize that we appreciate the desire for simplicity and culture in the small to mid-size business market and honour that in our practices. For $99.00/month – on a one-year contract, you will have access to up-to-date templates for various HR initiatives adhering to employment standards currently BC, AB & SK – we can tailor to the province you reside upon request.

HR Consult Small Biz also provides you with up to 5 phone consults per month. If you require more time or have specialized projects, you will also get preferred rates.

You will now have numerous HR documents at your fingertips as you need them. These documents and processes are made for you to customize to fit your organization. You will need to include your company name and change the logo as you see fit. We will continuously add to our HR Consult Small Biz library as legislation changes and as we develop new tools that will be beneficial to our subscribers.

Please understand that any changes you make to the policies need to adhere to provincial legislation. Whether or not your policy follows legislation and employees agree to your policy, the applicable provincial legislation as well as Human Rights and OHS legislation take precedence. Also, if you make substantial changes to the policy, we cannot guarantee the integrity of the policy.

Your payments will be charged monthly at $99.00/month (plus GST). If you are unsatisfied with our service, let's discuss to see how we can make it better for you.

Thank you,

Wendy Giuffre CPHR
President and Principal Consultant

Your subscription includes:



  • $99.00/month

  • On a one-year contract
  •   Onboarding
  •   Performance Management
  •   Policies
  •   Presentations
  •   Stay Interviews
  •   Terminations
  • ONBOARDINGOpen or Close

    • Employee Onboarding Checklist
    • Employment Handbook Sign Off
    • Onboarding Interview


    • 360 Degree Leadership Development Feedback Request
    • Accountability Agreements
    • Last Chance
    • My Plan

  • POLICIESOpen or Close

    • Alcohol, Drug and Drug Testing Policy
    • All things IT Policy
    • Anti-Harassment & Violence Policy (AB)
    • Anti-Harassment & Violence Policy (BC)
    • Anti-Harassment & Violence Policy (SK)
    • Business Code of Conduct Policy
    • Business Travel Policy
    • Common Sense Policy
    • Confidentiality Policy
    • Conflict of Interest Policy
    • Dress Code Policy
    • General Holiday & Religious Holidays (AB)
    • General Holiday & Religious Holidays (BC)
    • General Holiday & Religious Holidays (SK)
    • Health and Safety Policy (AB)
    • Health and Safety Policy (BC)
    • Health and Safety Policy (SK)
    • Leave of Absence Template Policy (AB) with LTD
    • Leave of Absence Template Policy (AB)
    • Leave of Absence Template Policy (BC) with LTD
    • Leave of Absence Template Policy (BC)
    • Leave of Absence Template Policy (SK) with LTD
    • Leave of Absence Template Policy (SK)
    • Media Relations Policy
    • Overtime Policy
    • Personal Activities during Working Hours Policy
    • Personal Days Policy
    • Privacy Policy
    • Progressive Discipline Policy
    • Sick Leave Policy
    • Social Media Policy
    • Termination Policy
    • Vacation Policy
    • Whistle Blowing Policy

  • PRESENTATIONSOpen or Close

    • Bootcamp Presentation
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Employment Standards
    • HR Cultural Trend Setters
    • Module 1 – What is Harassment
    • Module 2 – What To Do If You're Being Harassed
    • Module 3 – How Do I Report It
    • Module 4 – What Can I Do If I See Harassment
    • Module 5 – What Happens After a Complaint Has Been Filed
    • Module 6 – How to Prevent Harassment
    • Module 7 – Respectful Workplace Do's and Dont's
    • Respectful Workplace
    • Workplace Bullying
    • Workplace Harassment and Its Intersection with Accommodation

  • STAY INTERVIEWSOpen or Close

    • Stay Interviews

  • TERMINATIONSOpen or Close

    • Exit Interview
    • Exit Interview V2
    • Release General
    • Termination – NOT ENOUGH WORK – with release
    • Termination – NOT WORKING OUT – with release
    • Termination Checklist

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