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September 2019 Newsletter
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  • Thanks for Joining Us!
  • Announcing Our Book Launch!
  • Mobile Health Services For Your Employees - Yes, It's A Thing!
  • Can Mobile Health Services Work For your Organization?
  • Evolutioneyes - Calgary's First Mobile Optometry Service
  • Quick Reference: Healthy Benefits for Your Organization
  • VIDEO: Evolutioneyes: How it Works
  • Alberta Employment Standards: Bill 2 Brings New Changes Into Effect
September 2019
Volume 6, Number 9

Thanks for Joining Us!
September already! Where is time going? Fall is right around the corner, and for most organizations it's time to buckle down to new projects and new ideas. This month, we are featuring two topics that are important to employers: we're examining the benefits of bringing mobile heath and wellness services directly to your employees, and also providing an overview to new changes that have come into effect for Alberta's Employment Standards under Bill 2.

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Mobile Health Services For Your Employees - Yes, It's A Thing!

According to the Transforming Health Market Insights Series, by MaRS, Healthcare delivery has traditionally been designed around the provider, located in institutions such as hospitals, clinics or doctors’ offices. In place of formal, institutionalized care, health systems are now making a more patient-centric “shift left” toward settings where the care goes to the patient, instead of the patient going to the care. These new settings may include a patient’s home, community health centre, school or workplace, and many more locations convenient to citizens, such as retail shops. Some regions are even trying mobile units that move around the community, providing care where and when needed. This responsive model provides more flexibility than the capital-intensive, bricks-and-mortar, institution-centred approaches. Though these may seem like non-traditional locations to deliver healthcare, in many cases they are already the preferred destination; for example, flu vaccinations provided at the workplace or local pharmacy, wound care provided at home by a visiting nurse, diabetes nutrition education provided at a local community centre and so on.

Can Mobile Health Services Work For Your Organization?

Mobile clinics (which provide state-of-the-art services including dental, cardiac, vision, mammography, and more) can come directly to the front door of organizations, whether they have 10 or 10,000 employees on location.

Employers can play a key role in improving the value of health care that they purchase and arrange for employees and their family members by establishing onsite health clinics. Recently, employers have shown renewed interest in such clinics as a way to boost worker productivity, enhance convenient access to care, improve prevention and wellness, and control health care costs. Such an approach has the potential to act as what Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen calls a "disruptive innovation" in the marketplace for employer-sponsored health care—one that can dramatically lower costs and improve care for patients.

Employers can offer organizational-based programs such as preventative health screenings, special gym memberships, educational seminars, weight-loss programs, tobacco-cessation programs, and more. A correctly designed wellness program will boost employee morale and reduce stress levels, to help keep your employees healthy and happy while at work. Calgary has many mobile services that are happy to work with your organization, including massage therapy, dental hygiene, physiotherapy, and medical practitioners.

Working with mobile wellness providers can offer effective and efficient onsite healthcare solutions to your employees. This is also helpful for employers because it helps save productivity time, reduces travelling costs, and helps organizations cut down healthcare and disability costs. Employees are happier, healthier, and more loyal to their employers when they feel that their employers are invested in them.

Evolutioneyes - Calgary's First Mobile Optometry Service

"Evolutioneyes Optometry is a full-service optometry clinic, that operates out of a state of the art, custom built, 38-foot Winnebago. The reason that we set up our clinic this way is quite simple - we travel, so that you don’t have to."
Here at Wendy Ellen Inc., we are very impressed with a new local Calgary business that provides an important mobile health service: optometry care.

Evolutioneyes Optometry was founded in 2018. The idea came to Dr. Trent Colberg after countless conversations with friends and family, discussing the inconveniences of getting routine eye exams, despite having group benefits or health spending accounts that would cover the cost of the exam. 

If long work days, family time, vacations, or long drives seemed to hold back many friends and family from coming into Dr. Colberg’s office, how many other people were experiencing the same limitations when it came to their eye care? In the fast-paced world of today, every minute counts.

As a result, Evolutioneyes Optometry has taken the work out of getting to the clinic, and has made eye care as seamless and convenient as possible, by bringing a full-service eye clinic directly to the patient. Doing so will allow for less time off of work, more time with family, and provide you with the comfort of knowing your eye health is being taken care of.

Evolutioneyes has a simple, easy process as outlined in the graphic below. Click the picture for more detailed website information.


Quick Reference: Healthy Benefits For Your Organization

Consider these benefits to your organization when considering mobile health providers:

Increase productivity and reduce absenteeism

Medical visits can result in sitting at the clinic or ER and waiting for the doctor or health care specialist for hours - taking a lot of time and having a direct impact on your team’s productivity. A health care provider n your employees' pockets will keep them productive and ready to tackle their tasks.

Stand out as an employer of choice
According to a Glassdoor study, 4 out of 5 employees prefer benefits over a pay raise. Stand out in a crowded talent market by offering a perk that your employees truly want and need: unlimited virtual access to doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

Lower health-related costs in your business
Prevent long- and short-term disability claims, help employees manage chronic conditions, and see a positive impact on your collective insurance renewal.

Promote mental and physical wellness for all
Take good care of your employees with your new corporate benefit: an on-demand access for them and their families to consult with healthcare professionals. Your employees will be thankful and proactive about their health, and your bottom line will be positively impacted.

Best of all, see happier, healthier people.
Empower employees and their families to be proactive with their health and mental wellness, nurture work-life balance, and notice the positive impacts all around.

Mobile health clinics can drive better healthcare out-comes, promote value-based care, and improve patient access to care.
Check out this video by
Evolutioneyes to see how their service works!
Contact information:  
Everyone Needs To Know

Alberta Employment Standards:
Bill 2 Brings New Changes Into Effect

Bill 2: An Act to Make Alberta Open for Business received Royal Assent on July 18, 2019 and brings into effect several changes to general holiday pay, overtime and labour relations. The Government of Alberta provides the following overview on their website.

Effective September 1, 2019

General holiday pay and banked overtime changes

Bill 2 will:
  • return to a holiday pay qualifying period of 30 work days in the last 12 months before a general holiday
  • return to regular / irregular workday distinctions:
    • If a holiday falls on a day that is normally a workday for the employee and they worked on the holiday, they are still entitled to the same amount of general holiday pay as before. There are two options for paying employees holiday pay:
      • The employee gets 1.5 times their regular wage for hours worked and average daily wage.
      • The employee gets their regular wage rate for hours worked and average daily wage with one day off work.
    • If a holiday falls on a day that is normally a workday for the employee and the employee did not work on the holiday, they are entitled to their average daily wage.
    • If a holiday falls on a day that is not normally a workday for the employee and they work on the holiday, they are still entitled to 1.5 times their regular wage rate for hours worked.
    • If the holiday falls on a day that is not normally a workday for the employee and the employee did not work on the holiday, they are not entitled to general holiday pay.
  • give employers and employees the option to develop straight-time banked hours arrangements, enter into Hours of Work Averaging Agreements and repeal Flexible Averaging Agreements (changes to overtime banking mean these agreements will no longer be needed)


More details are included in the link above

You may also read Bill 2: An Act to Make Alberta Open For Business as passed with Royal Assent in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.
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