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April 2020 Newsletter
April 2020
Volume 7, Number 4

Thanks for Joining Us!

April is here and our world has turned completely upside down as COVID-19 is still spreading across our country and the world. This is an unprecedented time in our history; people are scared, confused, and rightfully worried for their futures. Here at Wendy Ellen Inc. we know how difficult things are right now.

We had full intentions of giving you a summary of the government programs in place to support businesses and individuals but even as we were hitting send the programs were changing.  The best thing to do is to direct you to the provincial and federal websites that list up to date information on the various programs.  Links for the province of Alberta and for national Federal programs and initiatives are below.


If you need any help in navigating any of the programs or have any questions relating to COVID-19 and your people, please donít hesitate to reach out to us:


Stay Healthy and Positive!
Courtesy of my longtime friend and artist extraordinaire, Patricia Lortie 
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