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June 2020 Newsletter
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  • Thanks for Joining Us!
  • Need Assistance Applying for Government of Canada Support? We Can Help
  • Hiring in the Midst of a Pandemic
  • Set Your Candidate Up to Succeed
  • Quick Reference: What's New For Recruiting?
  • Video: How to Interview Candidates Successfully
  • Quick Reference: Are You Ready For a Virtual Interview?
  • Coach's Corner: Creating Processes for Successful Video Interviews
June 2020
Volume 7, Number 6

Thanks for Joining Us!

It's June...and the first six months of 2020 have been unlike any we've ever seen before. We sincerely hope this newsletter finds you, your colleagues, family and friends all well.

This month we are focusing on the changes taking place in recruitment and interviewing, offering some tips and information for working within the health and safety requirements of Covid-19. 

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Hiring in the Midst of a Pandemic

The world has changed so much within mere months; that goes for the interviewing and hiring process as well. In an effort to protect the health and welfare of all stakeholders, employers have largely transitioned to the virtual interview process. While some HR professionals and recruiters were already comfortable in the virtual world, many others are new to the technology and the process. Below are seven tips to help your virtual hiring process.


1. Set a process for how interviews will be run and communicate clearly and thoroughly with your teammates and candidates.
2. Line up the necessary technology and give it a test run.
3. Put your candidates at ease by sharing expectations, timelines, names of interviewers.
4. Choose a clean, quiet, and well-lit space for your interviews.
5. Practice a compelling (virtual-only) company culture pitch
6. Be every bit as professional — and personable — as you would be for an onsite interview.
7. Follow up with a thank-you note, a request for feedback, and any next steps.
Quick Reference: What's New For Recruiting?
Recruiters had to adapt quickly in the wake of Covid-19 restrictions and are using tools and technologies in a variety of ways to reach, interview, and screen new candidates. They are:
  • using a variety of online communication and collaboration tools such as Zoom, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts and dedicated interviewing applications.
  • shifting to an all-virtual recruiting and hiring process
  • creating videos of recruiters providing step-by-step instructions on how candidates move through the application process and adjusted the paperwork process to include electronic signatures.
  • texting more with candidates and using chatbots to serve job seekers, applicants and candidates.
  • Video: Click the Link Below
    How to Interview Candidates Successfully
    by Social Talent
    Quick Reference: Are You Ready for a Remote Interview?
  • Technology and microphone pre-test completed
  • Candidate's CV and the  role description at hand
  • Professional attire and demeanour 
  • Good posture and steady eye contact
  • Active listening
  • Don't forget to  smile

    Coach's Corner: Creating Processes for Successful Video Interviews

    You can decide whether to incorporate video during this first phase. Consider including a video introduction of yourself and your company in the job ad. You can then invite candidates to submit a video introduction in response, or only ask for responses in the next step.

    Before sitting down to record your video questions, think carefully about what information you need from candidates to make smart recruitment decisions. What qualities are you looking for in candidates? What types of personalities fit your work culture? Less is more when it comes to video interviews—it’s good practice to ask three to five questions.

    Recording video questions should only take about five minutes or less, and you can send the same questions to all candidates. Both you and the candidates can re-record your video as many times as needed. Instruct candidates on how long their answers should be and provide any other specific guidelines. While it depends on the total number of questions you ask, most recruiters find the optimal length for one video answer to be within two minutes.

    Since there’s no need to coordinate schedules with candidates or your team, it’s easy for both recruiters and hiring managers to see all the candidates on their own time.

    Now that you and your hiring team have reviewed all the video answers, you have a clear idea of what candidates you do—and don’t—want to move forward with. Invite only the top candidates to in-person interviews.

    Source: recright.com
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